Preparing for a Colorado guided elk or mule deer hunt requires good planning. It also comes with a lot of questions. This list of frequently asked questions is made to help answer the most common questions you may have about hunting with HMH. If your question is not answered here. Use the form at the bottom of the page and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and help you prepare for a successful big game hunt.

Can I add extra days to my hunt?

Yes. You may add additional days to your hunt as available and as season permits for $800 per day per hunter.

Which colorado gmus do you hunt?

We hunt Colorado GMUs 76, 77, 78, and 771. See below for unit descriptions.

Unit 76 is considered a trophy unit and is comprised of 93% public land. The elevation is over 13,000 feet. Pre-season training is critical to success for this high-altitude hunt. 

Unit 77 is made up of 82% public land.  The elevation ranges from 6,510 feet to just over 13,000 feet. It’s high altitude hunting at its finest. Physical fitness and off-season training is imperative to successfully hunt this rugged unit.

Unit 78 is made up of 68% public lands. Less rugged than unit 77 yet still comprised of serious high-altitude hunting with the highest peak over 12,000 feet. Physical fitness and off-season training is imperative to successfully hunt this rugged unit.

Unit 771 is made up of 65% public land and is split nearly in two by U.S. highway 151 and bounded on the north by U.S. highway 160. The max elevation for this hunt is just over 8,700 feet. Far from low-altitude, be physically fit to hike and glass for extended periods of time.

how much is the deposit?

Deposit:  $2,000 of the total hunt cost including taxes is required with a signed contract at time of reservation. Deposit is  non-refundable. Final balance and all completed paperwork are required 30 days prior to scheduled hunt start date.

how much should I tip my hunting guide & hospitality staff?

Our guides work hard to scout the land on- and off-season.  It’s tough work guiding clients to success and gratuities are welcome and appreciated for a job well-done. It’s customary to tip 20% of the total hunt cost, so if you have a safe hunt and a great experience with us you may tip accordingly. Tipping hospitality staff as well for cleaning, food, etc is most welcomed and appreciated if you had an exceptional time / service. 

how does the colorado draw work?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife uses a draw system to manage wildlife and allocate tags for various locations throughout the state.   Colorado’s draw system is based on a preference-point system. HMH can help you put in for your application. Please call us at 970-819-4037 for details.  For regulations and the most up to date application information and deadlines, go to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

do i need hunting trip insurance?

Trip insurance is not required, but highly recommended due to the nature of the industry. HMH does not offer refunds for any circumstances including inclement weather. illness or other incapacitation of an individual, change in circumstances, loss of opportunity,  failure to harvest animals, or any other reason not in direct control of  outfitter. 

Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?

HMH provides transportation for our guests to and from the Durango LaPlata County airport for an additional $100.

which type of rifle should I bring on my trip?
At a minimum, practice with the rifle you are comfortable shooting. The minimum allowable caliber is a .243 caliber rifle.  Come prepared to shoot with accuracy up to 400 yards. Feel free to ask us for gear and weapon recommendations.
are hunting licenses and tag fees included in the cost of the trip?
All hunting licenses and tag fees are the responsibility of each hunter. The cost of each hunt listed on our website does not include the cost of applicable licenses, tag fees, or taxes.
can i bring a companion on the hunt with me?
You are welcome to bring a companion on your trip with you. All hunters and non-hunting guests must be over the age of 18 on the day preceding the scheduled start of the hunt. $1000 per non-hunting guest. There are no exceptions to this policy.
where does the meat get processed?

Cole’s Meat Processing Sy’s Taxidermy

High Mountain Hunts, LLC is an equal opportunity provider operating under special use permit with the San Juan National Forest and the Rio Grande National Forest.

Colorado registration number: 20211035820.  CO Outfitter Number: OUT.0003392