This spring and early summer started out windy, hot, and dry along with wildfires. Mother nature has since then decided to get her act together and has made up for it with ample rain filling ponds to the max and producing lush grass, along with plenty of acorns and choke cherries. HMH has a full schedule for September. In camp will be archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunters all hoping for an opportunity to harvest either an elk, mule deer, or bear. And our guides are out now scouting trying to make sure that happens!! They have been in the mountains since the snow came off tracking and locating animals as well as finding some beautiful sheds. Scouting efforts will continue and will amp up as the season gets closer.

This season we have some lucky hunters who drew the coveted muzzleloader tag in our trophy unit, 76. This is a 22-point draw! We are excited to give them the hunt of a lifetime! Our experienced guides will use their unrivaled knowledge to get these hunters deep in the country and hopefully put them on a shot of a lifetime!

We are excited to have such a diverse group of hunters this year. We have several hunters that are coming on their first time hunt out west, repeat hunters from last season, veteran hunters who have been all over the world, and this year we have several women hunters!!

Look for our next blog that will showcase our brand-new timber frame lodge in downtown Pagosa Springs, CO!!

Until next time,